I am a paper and mosaic artist living in New York.  After the mass shooting in October 2015 at Umqua Community College in Oregon, I was heartsick and weary.  I was spurred to find a way to represent visually the sheer number of victims of gun violence in our country.  I wanted to see what 92 looked like.  Every day.

Every day since October 5th, 2015, I created a design (only 10" x 7") using 92 carefully folded, cut, and glued black triangles, each one representing each of the 92 Americans killed every day.

Each day, I posted one of these designs on Facebook and Instagram (@92 Americans. Every day).  Each day a new remembrance of the 92 Americans killed each day.

My hope is that these daily postings reminded people that we have a tragically unnecessary and avoidable problem in our country.  I wanted to show the number of victims that accrue inevitably each day.  I wanted to remind people every day of these shootings and victims and keep them from fading from our memory.  


Marisa Gonzales Silverstein received a BA in Art History from Yale College in 1992 and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 1999.  Marisa spent years leading after school programs in the arts for teenagers, contracting with accomplished artists to lead vibrant programs.  Now it is her turn to be the artist.

In 2016, just three years after beginning her work as an artist, Marisa received a Fellowship in Photography from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) for her "92 Americans. Every day" series.

Please go to www.marisagsilverstein.com to see Marisa's full artist webpage.

Contact:  msilverstein10@icloud.com